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building panels of 21st century, prefabricated efficiency

Built faster and more cost-effectively than conventional construction, it is an energy-efficient house that provides adequate living space for all members of the family, according to the family’s needs.

ECOHOMES from 21st century building materials

Building panels gaining popularity in USA, in theUK, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, etc. mostlyknown as SIP panels. lt is a sandwich assemblypre-manufactured panels, from OSB 3 panels andinsulation foam. Light, surprisingly strong, easy toinstall.

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family homes, villas, houses, garages, condos, tourist houses, shops, commercial facilities

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light, surprisingly strong,
quick to assemble

Quick, precise, clean construction ln nature like, torest environment it can be built without its destruction Construction waste reducedby 60%
Pleasant leisure and living environment. Low cost maintenance
Combining tradition with modern techniques. Smart building. Qualities similar to passive houses Flexibility, innovative design.

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