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93 m²

A simple shape with a twist, combining a high roof and flat roof with louvres for a more modern look.

flamenco 548 image 01


105 m²

Simple, fast, quality workmanship. Ideal for larger families, cost-effective and comfortable. Our most beloved model.

balboa 548 image 01


110 m²

Ideal for families with one or two children. In terms of design, it follows a simple shape, with a combination of high roof and flat roof elements.

mambo 548 image 01


129 m²

The building is ideal for families with several children, with a large surface area and shaded lighting, taking into account modern energy aspects.

salsa ecohaz image 003


(igény esetén)

134 m²

Set on two levels, the exterior has an extravagant, unique look. A high roof environment, yet a modern home.

jazz ecohaz image 003


146 m²

The floor plan is 99% similar to the SWING model house, but the look is more modern and elegant. Ideal for families with three children, it has 146 m² net floor area. 

jive ecohaz image 003


146 m²

Traditional in appearance, high roof, comfortable. Ideal choice for families with three children with 146 m² of living space.

swing ecohaz image 004


162 m²

The Rock and Roll ecohouse is another family house with 134 m² of living space, ideal for families with three children. Modern design with a combination of flat roof and green roof.

rock 548 image 01


195 m²

The Walzer ecohouse is an extravagant flat-roofed building of 199 m² with a modern design on two levels.

walzer ecohaz image 004


204 m²

Following modern trends, SHUFFLE with its flat roof design is the ideal choice for those who like simple, clean buildings.

shuffle ecohaz image 004


256 m²

The relatively large floor area of this luxury building is modern in appearance, but also incorporates traditional elements, making it a perfect choice for high-ceilinged environments. 

tango ecohaz image 001


(igény esetén)

353 m²

Modern, elegant and luxurious. Due to its large glass surfaces and orientation, it is recommended for special plots with panoramic views.

charleston ecohaz image 001
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